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At OxDesign, we’ve always rewarded people and companies for referring business. As we continue this effort, you can earn $100 in services and your referreal gets $100 towards their services. To get your $100 credit, call us at 336-339-5327 or email and let us know who you refer. OxDesign is a full-service design and…
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Social Media Marketing Explained

​The team at OxDesign creates interesting stories, content and release schedules to post on your Blogs and Social Media sites. This increases awareness AND helps boost your SEO with Google and other top search engines. We bring it all together to pull new customers in to help build your business.  So, How Does it Work?1.…
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Marketing Resolutions for 2019

1) Consider a Website revamp. Although you may have already put in a great deal of time, effort, and resources to creating a Website, it may time to give it a facelift. It may have been a while since the last time you made sufficient changes to your homepage to account for marketing new products…
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